Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Inversion Massage Lounger

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Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 3D Inversion Massage Lounger.


  • Reduce stress, relieve pain, enhance circulation, decrease insomnia, improve flexibility, increase mental awareness, and induce total relaxation.
  • Airbags gently stretch muscles to ease tension and fatigue and to improve circulation.
  • Therapeutic heat function targets the lumbar region, helping to ease tension, reduce stress, and alleviate sore muscles.
  • Relieve tension and improve circulation in problem feet and stressed ankles.

Product Description
The Original Inversion Stretch Massage Chair

All chairs in the Relax2Zero series are uniquely designed to address the need we all have for a relaxed body, reduced stress, and improved posture. The latest model in this series, the Relax 2 Zero 3D offers advanced technology and special therapeutic features that together deliver the most advanced full-body massage therapy.

Regular use may reduce symptoms of stress, relieve pain, enhance circulation, ease insomnia, improve flexibility, increase mental awareness, and encourage relaxation.

Inversion Power Stretch
The “Inversion Power Stretch” offers an incredible full-body therapeutic stretch, reducing pressure, relieving pain, and leaving you feeling energized and limber.

With this incredible combination of stretching techniques, you can skip your sweaty yoga class and still feel relaxed and renewed. This feature includes the following:

Spinal Decompression Stretch
Stretches the lower back and decompresses the spine, temporarily removing the crushing pressure of the vertebrae.

Neck & Shoulder Grip
Keeps the spine straight so that the pull of the stretch properly aligns the vertebrae.

Seat Twist
Gentle, controlled twist stretches the core abdominal muscles and further stretches the spine and lower back in two opposing directions.

Heat Therapy
Muscles are warmed so that they are more pliable; heat can also reduce swelling, relieving pain.

Full-body Massage with 42 Airbags
Built into the chair are 42 Airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate during your massage session. These airbags gently stretch muscles to ease tension, improve circulation, and ease body fatigue.

Upper & Lower Body Air Massage
The airbags located on the shoulders, around the arm, and under the thighs and calves generate a full-body stretch.

Neck & Shoulder Air Massage
The airbags in the cushioned headrest inflate and deflate to gently stretch the neck from side to side, while rhythmically squeezing and releasing muscles along the neck and shoulders.

Luxury Calf & Foot Massager
Powerful airbags squeeze the calves to relieve tension and improve circulation, while multiple foot rollers stimulate reflexology zones on your tired feet.

Ankle Grip
The built-in ankle grips cradle your ankle in place to thoroughly massage the foot soles, ankles, and calves.

Undulating Ankle Grips
Airbags surrounding the feet inflate and deflate to mimic the alternating compression technique of a live massage.

Full-body Massage with 42 Airbags
Built into the chair are 42 Airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate during your massage session. These airbags gently stretch muscles to ease tension, improve circulation, and ease body fatigue.

Zero Gravity Position 1:
Removes all stress on the muscles to achieve a weightless environment.

Zero Gravity Position 2:
Removes all stress on the muscles while further elevating the legs above the position of the heart.

Spinal Stretching
The gentle inversion of this massage chair offers these health benefits without the risks that usually come with inversion. Traditional “upside-down” inversion therapy can cause a sudden of rise blood pressure and dangerous pressure to the eyes. Being completely inverted can also cause digestive issues. Daiwa’s gentle inversion technique is a far safer way to stretch the spine.

Muscle Relaxation
Daiwa Massage Chair’s Inversion feature lets you relieve back pressure more effectively because it supports your body and allows for total relaxation while you stretch.

Circulation & Lymphatic Flow
By placing your feet above your head while you recline, spinal pressure is gently lessened, and you enjoy a therapeutic break from the downward pull of gravity that usually pulls on your joints, skin, and organs. Reduced gravity may also help the lymphatic system clear excess fluid and waste, which enhances your own natural health defenses.

Other Advanced Features


Other Advanced Features



3D Massage Program
The Relax2Zero 3D features a new remote controller so that you can make adjustments throughout your massage. A simplified design makes customizing your massage easier than ever, and features 27 Automatic programs (6 programs x 3 time settings), along with 3 new 3D automatic programs (3 programs x 3 time settings). Or, choose from the manual massage modes for full control of your massage chair’s features.
  • Deep Shiatsu: A traditional deep-tissue Shiatsu.
  • Revive: An energizing massage that uses a variety of 3D massage techniques.
  • Breathe: The Deep Shiatsu mode mimics a professional shiatsu massage.

Easy-to-use Auto Programs

This program includes a pillow air pressure massage. A light massage program designed for relaxation and stress relief. After placing your body into a reclined position, rapid pounding and squeezing actions target your entire back, even as your hips are tilted from side to side. A light airbag massage targets your calves, while a rolling massage stimulates your footsoles.

This program is ideal for alleviating muscle tension and soreness after a workout. The chair tilts your body into a zero-gravity position, while airbags tilt your hips from side to side and apply a squeezing massage to your calves. Massage nodules relieve overworked muscles along your entire back.

This program features an inversion stretch on the lower back to release back tension and improve flexibility. The chair places your body into an inverted position. While airbags hold the shoulders and upper body in place, the leg rest lowers to bend your knees downward and stretch your lower back. In this position, massage rollers apply knead actions along your entire back, between the shoulders and the hips.

This program includes a stretch massage. An invigorating program to warm up muscles and stimulate circulation. While airbags tilt your hips from side to side, a combination of rapid rolling and pummeling actions are applied to your entire back. The faster speed of the foot rollers adds a reflexology treatment to your experience. ​

Lower Body
Combination of therapeutic deep tissue massage techniques; focuses on muscles along the spine, upper and lower back, and lumbar.

Upper Body
Combination of therapeutic deep tissue massage techniques; focuses on muscles in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Advanced remote

      Advanced Remote
      Tapping too hard? Turn the tapping off!
      Our tapping feature is specially engineered to get rid of persistent pain. This technique stimulates blood circulation and can be invigorating to most people, but may be too intense for some. Unlike other massage chairs, you have the option to keep the tapping ON or OFF. This feature can be used anytime during an auto-program. We care about people who suffer from pain but also want to enjoy a massage in comfort.

      Multi-language hand-held remote
      Remote includes a wide selection of languages such as: English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

      Seamless Transition Among Program Options
      This feature makes the switch between massage programs smooth and seamless. It eliminates interruptions while navigating program options, and prevents short-circuit or overheating damage.




      Color Options Black, Chocolate
      Massage Track S-Track
      Massage Track Length 31 in
      Space Saving No
      Back Roller Type 3D
      Roller Width Adjustment Yes
      Adjustable Intensity Yes
      Adjustable Speed Yes
      Auto Pre-Programs 18
      Manual Techniques 7
      Zero Gravity Yes
      Heat Yes
      Stretch Function Yes
      Foot Massage Yes (rollers + airbags)
      Calf Massage Yes (airbags)
      Hip/Waist Air Bag Massage Yes (airbags)
      Upper Arm-Shoulder Massage Yes (airbags)
      Arm Massage Yes (airbags)
      Neck-Head Massage Yes
      Spot Massage Yes
      Deep Tissue Yes
      Body Scan Yes
      Inversion Therapy Yes
      Chromotherapy No
      Vibration No
      User Memory No
      Control With Mobile App No
      Timer 10min, 20min, 30min
      Pause Function Yes
      Leg Length Adjustment Motorzied, 24 in
      Remote Yes, Wired
      Rocking Technology No
      Number of Airbags 42
      Bluetooth Speakers Yes
      Suggested User Height 4’8″ – 6’6″
      Max User Weight 300 lbs
      Dimensions Upright (L x W x H) 59 x 35 x 45 in
      Dimensions Reclined (L x W x H) 76 x 35 x 33 in
      Chair Weight 229 lbs
      Manufacturer Origin China

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