Kahuna Chair - SM 7300 Massage Chair

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Kahuna Chair - SM 7300 Massage Chair


  • SL-Track Zero-Gravity
  • Space-Saving with double length leg extension
  • Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair with 9 Auto Programs including stretching and heating therapy


• [Total 9 Auto programs including 4 special programs] 5 Auto programs – Yoga Stretching, Fast Recovery, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Athlete and 4 special programs – Office Person, Golfer, Senior Mode, Dynamic Sport – These special programs provide unique massage experience in Zero Gravity position
• A progressive Kahuna chair SM-7300 collaborated with top-performing technology programmed with a variety of different techniques which are kneading, tapping, knocking, tapping + knocking, and shiatsu massage on selective body proportion of whole or partial or fixed point on the body.
• Superior Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 accommodates all body types including heavier and bigger body figures adding 3 more inches to the shoulders and hip area to accommodate all body types up to 6ft 5inches and 320 lbs.
• The upgraded Space saving technology uses ameliorated forward sliding mechanism allowing a quieter transition that only requires 3 inches off from the wall
• The SM-7300 functions with 6 rollers to provide the experience of being massaged by 6 different hands and the whole body being embraced while the massage is being processed
• Built in Castor for easy movement



SM-7300 massage chair effectively massages by following the curvature of the body from head to buttock area with new SL-Track with 6 Rollers system. Longer extended SL-Track with additional 2 rollers performs precise and unique massage techniques.

Wrap-around Squeeze Massage

Full coverage squeeze function with 3 different techniques performing on the sole of the feet at once. Advanced foot massage scraping massage, rolling massage, and kneading mechanism provides an extra feel-good stimulation that reduces muscle aches and strain providing instant relief to your tired leg.

Space Saving & Zero Gravity

Advanced space saving technology with forward sliding mechanism allows gentle transition and requires 3 inches off from the wall. Auto zero gravity position is performed by one simple touch to achieve perfect massage position.

Yoga Stretching – Auto Program

SM-7300 has special automated program called “Yoga Stretching” This program is designed to eliminate toxins and waste products from the body and makes the body lightly and relieve stress as well. Perfect for tired body.

Relaxation – Auto Program

Soft and gentle massage program that relaxes your body quickly. Full-body massage with various techniques to induce muscles to relax rapidly.

Athlete – Auto Program

Focuses on reducing muscle injuries, athletic mode can reduce the risk on sport accidents from various sports also, it can help you recover your soreness.

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