Synca 4D Ultra Premium Massage chair

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Synca JP1000  - Made in Japan 4D Ultra Premium Massage chair


Indulge yourself and experience the Worlds Most Advanced Massage Chair.

 The JP1000 by Synca Wellness features Synca Wellness’s industry leading robotic massage technology that is capable of more precise movements, a more penetrating deep tissue massage, and more accurately replicating the movements of a massage therapists’ hands than any other brands massage chairs.

The JP1000 is manufactured outside of Tokyo by the company that invented massage chairs in 1954 featuring components made by Hitachi and upholstering done by the company that does the seats for Nissan.

As with all JP series massage chairs from Synca you will enjoy a product using the highest percent of made in Japan components of any brand on the market.

The Synca JP series also feature the worlds most advanced body scan technology ensuring whoever sits in the chair receives a back massage optimized for their individual body type.

The JP1000 is simple to use with its intuitive touchscreen controller and delivers a seamless execution of complex 4D shiatsu master massage techniques leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Synca Wellness JP series massage chairs are more than a massage chair, they are the future of massage chairs.

12 Body part specific targeted massage courses


“12 Body part specific targeted massage courses” Targeted kneading therapeutically massages each selected part of the body.
These Seven-minute courses intensively and effectively relieve stiffness and tiredness caused by poor circulation, prolonged sitting and standing, and muscle recovery.
These 12 courses are equipped with 6 types of targeted body part massage, 3 types of deep core kneading techniques, and 3 types of body part stretch.


Synca has re-engineered its air massage technology, reducing the total airbags but increasing the surface area coverage. This reduces the stress on the air pump and valves, ultimately extending the longevity and dependability of this component.
Outer Shoulder Massager – located on the upper sides of the backrest, there are 2 airbag massagers on each side. As the airbags inflate it will compress the shoulder inwards. The shoulder airbags may also inflate to hold you in place as the back rollers apply a soothing massage.

Hand & Arm Massager – As you insert your arms into the unique butterfly design, it will position the palm of the hands vertically. Simultaneously the hands and forearms will be massaged as the airbag inflates. The tapered design will contour the arms for an even massage.​
Hip Massage – Along the sides of the seat base are airbags on each side. As they inflate it will squeeze the hips.

Foot & Calve Massage – The calve massage is curved on the outer walls so that it will wrap around the calves as it inflates. There are also airbags on the back of the calves for a more complete massage.

The feet are massaged by airbags that are lined along the sides, pressing the feet down to the base of the foot massager.

Infrared Heating Backrest & Feet

The backrest with 2 infrared heating pads, both located on both sides of the mid-upper back region. The gentle heat complements the effectiveness of the roller head massage.
Located at the bottoms of the feet, the heat application is also mild which helps loosen the muscles and tissue along the arches.




Automatic Leg Extension
The JP1000 massage chair is built with a fully automatic leg ottoman. The leg rest can be raised, lowered, extended, or retracted using the center control panel of the remote. This will allow for a variety of different users to enjoy a custom-fitted massage. The chair can fit a person up to 6’3” with a maximum weight of 250lbs.

Auto Recline
The positioning of the recline and leg rest is fully automatic and can be adjusted by using the remote. The chair can recline to a completely flatbed position.

Easy to Use Touch Screen Remote

Synca JP1000 has truly simplified the remote without losing any of the functions and controllability. Through the touch screen, everything can be operated with the touch of a finger.

  • 5 levels of air massage intensity. The air intensity can be individually set to your preference for 4 separate zones (the shoulders, arms, hips, and feet).
  • The back roller intensity can be set to 7 to 12 different intensity levels depending on the program.
  •  Create your own preset program using the memory storage capability. Select your favorite massage combination, put it into memory so that the next time simply press a single button to start where you left off.
  • Select from 21 different preset massage programs
  • Control the manual operations and select from 41 different massage types

The recline functions can be controlled from the keypad below.

Key Features

  • 34 Aircell Massage
  • Heat (Foot and Back)
  • Adjustable Massage Strength by Region (foot, back, shoulder, arm, pelvis)
  • 4D Ultra Premium Massage Robot
  • 81 Massage Techniques
  • 21 Auto Courses Dual Layer
  • Aircell Massages the Arch of the Foot
  • Motorized Legrest Extension
  • Touchscreen Controller w/ Memory



Product Name JP1100
Model No JP1100
Assembled upright (LxWxH) 54.33in x 30in x 49.2in
Assembled Reclined (LxWxH) 78.75in x 34.65in x 29.15in
Inbox 30in x 46.5in x 48in
Weight inbox 216lbs
Assembled weight 171lbs

    • Made in Japan
    • 2017 Good Design Award Winner
    • Heat (Foot and Back)
    • Adjustable Massage Strength by Region (foot, back, shoulder, arm, pelvis)
    • 4D Ultra Premium Massage Robot
    • 81 Massage Techniques
    • 21 Auto Courses
    • Foot Roller (Only made in Japan Chair w/ Foot roller)
    • Motorized Legrest Extension
    • Touchscreen Controller w/ Memory


    • Height: 49.2
    • Width: 30
    • Depth: 54.3
    • Weight: 171
    • Height2: 36
    • Width3: 37
    • Depth4: 53.5
    • Weight5: 229

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