Synca CirC Plus Premium Massage Chair Beige

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CirC+ (Beige) - Zero Gravity SL Track Heated Massage Chair




The CirC+ by Synca Wellness brings Japanese “Shibui” design into your home, “Shibui” design is subtly beautiful without being flashy, just like the CirC+. 

It’s modern furniture-like design hides many features like long rail deep tissue robotic massage technology inside in a tastefully designed exterior. 

The CirC+ is rated for users up to 300lbs and uses a full-size massage robot mounted in a long rail SL track frame, this technology ensures you have a relaxing massage from your glutes up to your neck.

Unlike other similar chairs if you flip back the head pillow you will receive a deep tissue neck massage that will help melt the stress and tension of the day away. 

It’s simple to control using its wireless remote, so you can sit and relax while getting a massage or just using it like a chair. 

You can recline back into a relaxing zero gravity position that’s designed to take the pressure off your lower back, which lets the muscles relax, and helps stimulate blood flow. 

While in zero gravity add in the gentle hip compressions and lumbar massage therapy and your lower back will feel rejuvenated.

The CirC+ lets you enjoy all the benefits of a large massage chair in a tasteful piece of furniture.


Treat your pelvic region with the CirC+ is  SL-Track. Muscles in the pelvic region are an important support structure associated with lower leg and vertebral core muscle movement. Tense or stiff muscles in the pelvic region can cause pain and dysfunction in the lower back and hips.


The CirC+’s ambient side lighting and superior massage will set a calming atmosphere every night to help you de-stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Feel and move better with the CirC by Synca Wellness.


A chair fits your body and gives you a sense of security
A special chair that fits your body as if itʼs tailor-made. It was designed to be ergonomically correct to make you feel secure and comfortable. Once you sit on it, you don't want to move. The SYNCA Compact Massage Chair will make you want to exist in the moment forever.



The massage hands move up and down from your buttocks to back of thighs

Compared to conventional chairs that only have air and rolling functions, SYNCAʼs compact chair provides professional massage technique execution including “Tapping” and “Kneading”.


Get rid of everyday fatigue and stress with Lower Body Core movements

Itʼs difficult to exercise and move freely if the muscles in the lower core are rigid. With alternating hip movements from left to right you can loosen up the muscle near the base of the spine to help reduce lower back pain. SYNCAʼs compact Massage Chair loosens the lumbar paraspinal muscles through its alternating gentle movement from left to right using itʼs whisper quiet air cell technology and gentle precise massage hands.


Massage with a variety of courses

You can select to massage your whole body or a pinpoint location with an easy-to- use controller. You can choose your favorite massage course according to your mood, muscle tension, and tiredness.


Real hands massage

The Intelligent massage hands imitate a massage therapists method of kneading to feel as if they are real hands with the strength ranging from "Strong" to "Gentle".


Uncompromising Interior Design

The design of this compact massage chair matches whatever living space you are in. All you need is a little space for the round compact body to bring a little slice of heaven into your home.


Heat Therapy

The restorative heat therapy penetrates the whole body from the waist to the back, enhancing the effect of the massage. Experience comfort like a hot spa.

From upper back to back of your thighs
The massage hands move up and down to pinpoint locations from your Trapezius to your Hamstring. The L Shape Rail allows for 34 inch (86.4cm) long massage strokes.



  • Full-Size Quad Roller Massage
  • Compression Massage
  • 8 Auto-Courses (3 Main + 5 Targeted Region)
  • 5 Targeted Region Massage Courses
  • Manually Targetable Massage
  • Wireless Controller Zero Gravity
  • Dual Heaters - Lumbar+Legs
  • Long Rail Massage Track - 44in
  • Rear Pinch Avoidance Sensor
    • Height: 37
    • Width: 21.6
    • Depth: 39
    • Weight: 70
    • Height2: 26
    • Width3: 22
    • Depth4: 46.1
    • Weight5: 92.5

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